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Holt Waterloo International is the new exclusive importer for AUTOSOL products.  AUTOSOL Brand manufactures many High Performance Care Products,  Metal Polishes, and Surface Care Products for use in thousands of applications with focus on quality, safety and environmental care. Founded more than 80 years ago, a solid position and reputation worldwide has been built up over the decades.

A brilliant idea formed the basis on which Otto Durst laid the foundation stone for our successful business in 1929. He developed a chrome cleaner that still gives splendid gleaming results today. In order to guarantee your 100% satisfaction DURSOL uses only first-class materials from leading suppliers. Today Autosol produces and distributes a full range of cleaning and care products for automobiles, as well as for industrial, commercial, private and trade use.

They comply with the strictest manufacturing regulations in order to meet the quality standard they have set in their company. The German  factory operates on an international scale. Many of the  products have been awarded Gold Medals by the independent consumer testing organisation “Monde Selection” from Brussels in Belgium.